lunes, 10 de noviembre de 2008

Cartas a Mr. Obama

Algunas personas han querido enviar cartas de felicitación a Mr. Obama.
Desde algunos que hablan de él comparandolo con los Reyes Magos deseandole
que conceda todos los deseos ("Promesas Políticas"), a que sea partidario de
"Libertad, Igualdad y Justicia" que tanto hacen falta en EEUU aunque parezca
que no. Pero no todo son felicitaciones si no también preguntas sobre el cierre de
la polémica Guantánamo, la Guerra de Iraq y África.
Quizás el "Change" de su campaña sea posible y no una simple ilusión para el resto del


We are a group of students of a high school in Spain, and we are very happy of your historical victory in the last ellections and also we hope to make yours promises come true to improve the world. As students, we hope that a real change will start, and injustice in the world may disappear. We ask that you work so that peace comes once and for all to the world. We ask you to close Guantanamo prison and end torture and also withdraw carefully from Iraq. Finally you musn`t forget yous roots in Africa, you shouldn`t think only in the USA, but also in hopes and illusions that those black peole have trusted in you, Barack Obama, to improve their daily lifes. Althought challenges are very difficult, don`t forget your slogan:
Yours faithfully,

(David, Victor, Javi y Abigail 2ªA)

Mr. President Obama:
We are a Spanish students group,who want to congratulate you, but not for winning the elections,but for having those ideas,which can change the world.We think everybody has the same rights,because we must make freedom,equality and justice known. We hope you can correct the past errors,which have been so many.With people's aid, we can make these ideas come true. All in all,it's sad that the world depends on these elections, but once these elections have been fair.
We hope you'll have good luck.

(Silvia Sánchez Díez, Alba Aller Delgado, Paula García Lanza, Marta Rodríguez Santiago 2ºC)

Congrats Obama!
We're very glad about your win, and we really think you are the change we need. We hope you make the promises become true and the world a better place.Over here, in Spain, we have a tradition at Christmas time, three wizard kings from Orion come every 6th January and make the children wishes come true, you may be one of them over there in America and make people around the world wishes come true during your time as president.
We trust you and wish you the best from Spain.
Your sincerely
Paula, Silvia, Marta and Alba.

Un Especial Agredecimiento a Miss M. por su colaboración en este blog
y a todos alumnos que hayan querido colaborar.

-Ian Thoreau, Miss M., Óscar, Soraya, Alvaro, Abigail, Javi, Victor , Dani, Paula, Silvia, Marta & Alba-

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